Welcome to my game development portfolio. Some games are just simple prototypes or from game jams, but there are also a few year-long group projects in here as well. Please enjoy!


3D local multiplayer co-op boss fighting game

Downtown Bazooka

3D rocket jumping platformer made with custom C++ engine

Turtle Quest

3D turtle ocean cleanup game for android


World swapping puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 30

Wabbit Slide

My greatest masterpiece

Get There

A game where you run away from dudes (it's fun though trust me)


Educational game about the history and mythology of the Akan people


A clone of a game I played once and could never find again

Wildlife Simulator

When humans become animals

Need for Feed: Here Crumbs the Pain

3D eat 'em up (get it? lol)


Voxely shoot 'em up with randomized stat system

Space Gods

God-fighting planet-slinging multiplayer brawler


3 player co-op game built for Global Game Jam 2018


Local co-op game where you try to escape from a zombie infested boat

Return of the Space Beasts

2D platformer where you fight back against the swarm!

Just Run

A horror survival game where there is only one way to survive

The Adventures of Jaximus

My first real game, soon it will be rebuilt and live once again...

My Sweet Scratch Games

Three games I made using Scratch while studying at UC Irvine