Welcome to my game development portfolio. Some games are just simple prototypes or from game jams, but there are also a few year-long group projects in here as well. Please enjoy!


3D local multiplayer co-op boss fighting game

Downtown Bazooka

3D rocket jumping platformer made with custom C++ engine


Educational game about the history and mythology of the Akan people


World swapping puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 30

Wabbit Slide

My greatest masterpiece

Get There

A game where you run away from dudes (it's fun though trust me)

Wildlife Simulator

When humans become animals


A clone of a game I played once and could never find again


Voxely shoot 'em up with randomized stat system

Space Gods

God-fighting planet-slinging multiplayer brawler

Need for Feed: Here Crumbs the Pain

3D eat 'em up (get it? lol)


3 player co-op game built for Global Game Jam 2018


Local co-op game where you try to escape from a zombie infested boat